Camper UK Vs Jaguar Land Rover

Added: 03 March 2017

On Friday 3rd of March, two titans clashed when Camper UK played Jaguar Land Rover at football.

The first half of the game remained goalless despite many attempts on target coming from Rob, Leigh, Neil and Joe but the Jaguar Land Rover goalie made some cracking saves and kept the score sheet clean.

With both teams defending excellently and the starting line-up beginning to tire, Camper UK decided to make a tactical switch of players, renewing the entire squad (except Neil who remained in goal for the full hour – well done Neil) just 20 minutes in.

The fresh sets of legs brought Camper UK more shots on target and began to tire the Jaguar Land Rover team. This meant lots of attacking play was being brought from the back from the likes of David, coupling up with Emile to make some deadly shots whilst Dan and Ben kept guard at the back. Everything was going so well but then Neil took a big hit and stayed down – Camper UK were beginning to debate who would be the chosen one for the goalkeeper role but, after some water and a magic rub, all was well and normal service was resumed.

After another 20 minutes,Camper UK decided for another full team refresh (this truly baffled the Jaguar Land Rover team who were now beginning to flag) and this brought spritely looking attacks down the left wing from John and Neil. Camper UK did occasionally receive an over-the-top through ball from Jaguar Land Rover during this period,but this was soon cleared up by Dean and Joe.

In the last 10 minutes,Camper UK did the only thing which was right, a final full squad substitute which provided several shots on target but still no joy.

Then, in the dying embers of the match, Jaguar Land Rover managed to slot home the winning and only goal of the match. A truly devastating moment for the otherwise excellent Camper UK team.


End Result:

Camper UK 0 – 1 Jaguar Land Rover

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